10 Facts About False Killer Whales

Though false killer whales are listed as information deficient by the IUCN Red List, the primary Hawaiian Islands population is listed as endangered beneath the U.S. As overfishing of commercially necessary fish shares proceed, false killer whales will have much less to eat. Additionally, bycatch doubtless happens the place these mammals overlap with fisheries. This designation doesn’t include most bays, harbors, or coastal in-water buildings.

false killer whale

It normally inhabits open oceans and deep-water areas, though it might frequent coastal areas close to oceanic islands. Generally, the false killer whale targets a wide selection of squid and fish of various sizes during daylight. They sometimes goal large species of fish, corresponding to mahi-mahi and tuna. A video taken in 2016 close to Sydney exhibits a bunch hunting a juvenile shark. It typically discards the tail, gills, and stomach of captured fish, and pod members have been identified to share meals. False killer whale researchers in New Zealand rely closely on sightings reports.


Time between births is unknown, however is estimated to be round 7 years. Female false killer whales enter menopause and turn out to be much less reproductively profitable between forty four and 55 years old. False killer whales are high predators that primarily hunt fish and squid.

The False killer whales mate throughout the year with peak periods, occurring from January to December and in March. Females give birth to a single calf, after which they don’t breed for about 6.9 years on average. Even after weaning, calves usually remain in the same group with their mom. Males of this species are sexually mature by years old, whereas females attain maturity within years old. They are almost at all times seen in affiliation with oceanic bottlenose dolphins. These bottlenose dolphins are different to those which are often seen up across the shoreline.

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